Host or Join a Poverty Simulation

A Poverty Simulation is a true-to-life experience for groups and organizations to experience first-hand the challenges, decisions, and life of someone in poverty. As a group you’ll be faced with daily decisions, from how to get the kids to school on time, find or maintain employment, visit the assistance office or church, pay your bills, and keep a roof over your head, all in the span of one hour.

Each 15 minute period of time accounts for exactly one week and within that week and the three that follow, you’re guaranteed to learn and possibly have an eye opening experience, of what poverty really looks like and how it can impact every daily decision to be made.

We host these events free of charge and can work with your group, large or small to facilitate a Poverty Simulation. Call us or click the flyer below for more information on how we can bring a Poverty Simulation to your group or organization.