Now seeking an Urban Planner!

Tri County Community Action is soliciting the submission of qualifications from established urban planning/design firms or individuals, with experience in participatory neighborhood planning processes.

After completing the first phase of the Heart of the Hill Plan for the next wave of revitalization activities in 2017, the community prioritized strategies that fall under their core community values: Safety, Youth Opportunity, Beautiful Physical Environment, and Sense of Community. In this phase of the process we are seeking a consultant who can continue to work with the community and stakeholders to develop strategy and design that will uplift these community values.

The appointment will last for a period of nine (9) months with the opportunity to engage in implementation stages. As projects are identified, one (1) firm or team of firms will be selected for the intended purpose, and an individual agreement or work order will be prepared.


Firms interested in this work must show a good faith effort to involve disadvantaged business enterprises (DBE).


Firms interested in this work should submit a statement of interest (SOI) no later than 4:00 PM on June 24, 2019. Details can be found here.



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