Where we’re Helping People & Changing Lives

1514 Derry Street, Harrisburg, PA 17104

phone: 717.232.9757 fax: 717.234.2227


125 North Enola Drive, Suite 204B
Enola, Pennsylvania 17025

phone: 717.732.1944 fax: 717.732.3558

130 South Penn Street
Shippensburg, Pennsylvania 17257phone: 717.532.8611 fax: 717.532.8556

201 Wyoming Street
Royalton, Pennsylvania 17057phone: 717.616.8443 fax: 717.388.1311

129 Market Street
Newport, Pennsylvania 17074phone: 717.567.6515 fax: 717.567.7862

Meet The Team

Walk through our doors and these are the rockstars who will greet you, connect you, assist you, and cheer for you. These are the people who come to work every day to make a difference…and they do.

Our Leadership

Jennifer Wintermyer, Executive Director

Kathy Lacomba, Deputy Director

Lisa Landis, Communications Manager

Nacole Moore, Executive Assistant / Ops Manager

Kathy Barnes, Energy Assistance Coordinator

Vanessa Cruz, Case Management Coordinator

Deborah Smith, Family Center Coordinator

Julie Walter, Neighborhood Revitalization Manager

Housing Counseling

Jake BurkeHousing Counselor

Ray SpencerHousing Counselor

Neighborhood Revitalization

Julie Walter, Neighborhood Revitalization Manager 

Jarvis Brown
, Neighborhood Revitalization Outreach Coordinator

Donnel Brown, Neighborhood Revitalization Outreach Coordinator

Bridges 4 Life

Ashley Wormsley, Youth Program Specialist

Fiscal / Human Resources

Chuck Bussard, Controller

Frances HowardFiscal Specialist (Payroll)

Robin Merritt, Fiscal Specialist (AP/AR)

Self-Sufficiency Case Management

Vanessa Cruz, Case Management Coordinator 

Karen Neufeld,  Self-Sufficiency Case Manager

Lisa GuyerSelf-Sufficiency Case Manager

Michelle Liggett, Self-Sufficiency Case Manager

Towanda Scruggs, Self-Sufficiency Case Manager

Erica Segarra, Self-Sufficiency Case Manager

Susie Topper, Self-Sufficiency Case Manager

Natashia WoodsSelf-Sufficiency Case Manager


Nacole Moore, Executive Assistant / Operations Manager

Julie Fried, Development Assistant

Lamont Griffin, Maintenance Superintendent

Annette Sanchez
, Reception / Intake

Rose SegarraReception / Intake

ShawnTay WilliamsProgram Assistant

OnTrack Energy Assistance

Kathy Barnes, Energy Assistance Coordinator

Yari Acosta, Energy Assistance Specialist

Josie Brown
Energy Assistance Specialist

Rosalyn Deida, Energy Assistance Specialist

Diane Mill
, Energy Assistance Specialist

Brittany Thilges
, OnTrack Administrative Specialist

Ronnie Garland
, Energy Assistance Specialist

Family Center & 24/7 Dads

Deborah Smith, Family Center Coordinator

Eva Cotta, Family Educator

Craig GilesFamily Educator

Derrick James, Family Educator

Veronica Kelly, Family Educator

Jen Vokoun, Family Educator

Contact Us

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If you require information or referral services to other human services organizations, please call 2-1-1 or visit https://pa211.communityos.org/cms/